C Program to Find Maximum Between Two Numbers?

In this article, we will learn how we can write a C program to find maximum between two numbers.

The program takes two integer inputs from the user and prints the maximum of the two.

Sample Input:

Enter first number: 10
Enter second number: 20


20 is largest

You can follow the below steps to find the largest of the two numbers:

  • Declare two integer variables num1 & num2 and use the scanf() function to take the inputs from the user.
  • Check if num1 > num2 , if yes, then num1 is the largest.
  • Check if num1 < num2, if yes, then num2 is the largest.
  • Check if num1 == num2, if yes, then both numbers are equal.

See the implementation in the following C program:

// C program to find the maximum of the two numbers
#include <stdio.h>

int main() {

    // Declare both variables
    int num1, num2;

    // Get the first number
    printf("Enter first number: ");
    scanf("%d", & num1);

    // Get the second number
    printf("Enter second number: ");
    scanf("%d", & num2);

    // Compare the two numbers
    if (num1 > num2) {
        printf("%d is largest", num1);
    } else if (num1 < num2) {
        printf("%d is largest", num2);
    } else {
        printf("Both numbers are equal");

    return 0;


Enter first number: 10
Enter second number: 20
20 is largest

Code Explanation:

  • The program first asks the user to enter the first number, the entered number is stored in the num1 variable.
  • It then asks the user to enter the second number which is stored in the num2 variable.
  • After both numbers are entered, the program checks if the first number i.e. num1 is greater than the second number num2 using the if condition. If yes, it prints the result.
  • If the first number num1 is less than the second number num2, then the else if block is executed.
  • If the first two conditions don’t match it means that both numbers are equal, therefore, the else block executes which prints that both numbers are equal.

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