How to Align Multiple Images Vertically using CSS?

To align multiple images vertically, you can use CSS flexbox. In this method, you have to first put all the images inside a parent element let’s say a div and then make this element a flexbox by applying display: flex; on it.

When you apply display: flex; on an element, it starts behaving like a flexbox container and allows you to use any of the flexbox properties.

For example, you can use the align-items property to align flex items vertically and the justify-content property to align flex items horizontally.

Let’s say we have a div element with a class img-container which contains three images inside of it:

<div class="img-container">
    <img src="images/cat.jpg" width=170 height=170>
    <img src="images/cat.jpg" width=170 height=170>
    <img src="images/cat.jpg" width=170 height=170>

Now, to vertically align these images inside of the div element, we will first make it a flex container by setting the display property to flex.

Then, to vertically center these images inside of the div, we have to set the align-items property to center. If you also want to center these images horizontally, you have to set the justify-content property to center:


    border: 2px solid red;
    height: 350px;
    display: flex;
    flex-wrap: wrap;
    align-items: center;  /* Center Vertically */
    justify-content: center;  /* Center Horizontally */
    column-gap: 10px;  /* Set gap between images */
    row-gap: 10px

This is how the images will look like after applying the above styles:

Align multiple images vertically using CSS


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