How to Pass Data from a Mat Dialog to Parent Component in Angular?

When you are working with Angular, it’s quite common to pass the data from a mat dialog to the parent component when the mat dialog closes.

This can be done in two easy steps.

Step 1: Send data from the mat dialog-

To send the data from the mat dialog, you have to first inject the MatDialogRef into the constructor of the dialog component. The MatDialogRef gives you a method close(), which closes the dialog box and sends the data to the parent component:

import { MatDialogRef } from '@angular/material/dialog';

export class DialogComponent implements OnInit {

    constructor(private dialogRef: MatDialogRef<DialogComponent>) { }

    ngOnInit(): void { }

    closeDialog() {
        let data = {
          userName: 'John Doe',
          email: ''
        // Send data to the parent component

Step 2: Access data in the Parent component-

To access the data sent from the dialog box, you have to subscribe to the afterClosed() method which returns the data as an observable.

Here is the implementation:

openDialog() {
  // Open the dialog
  const dialogRef =, { 
    height: '70%',
    width: '60%',

  // Subscribe when the dialog box closes
      // Receive data from dialog component
      // res contains data sent from the dialog


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