RGB to Hex Converter

White Text
Black Text
HEX Color Code
RGB Color Code
rgb(91, 53, 180)
HSL Color Code
hsl(258, 46%, 46%)
HSV Color Code
hsv(258, 71%, 71%)

This online RGB to HEX converter tool enables you to easily convert any RGB color code to its equivalent HEX code. To convert RGB to its equivalent HEX code you can either enter the Red, Green, and Blue colors value manually in their respective inputs or you can additionally use the Red, Green, and Blue colors sliders to change them.

To get the result you don’t have to explicitly click on any submit button, rather, you will get the result(HEX) in real-time. In simple words, as soon as you enter/change any of the three(Red, Green and Blue) colors value, their equivalent HEX code will be reflected in the output section which you can easily copy either by clicking on it or by clicking on the copy button itself.

For more details about this RGB to Hex converter, you can refer to the following topics.

What does this RGB to Hex Convert do?

This RGB to Hex converter takes in three inputs in the form of values for Red, Green, and Blue colors each ranging from 0 to 255 and converts the combination of the three to their equivalent Hex code which you can directly use in your HTML/CSS file to specify any color you want.

You might also want to use other color formats, therefore, we not only generate Hex code but other color formats such as HSL and HSV also. To copy each color format value we have provided an explicit copy button also. Clicking on this button will automatically copy the respective color code which you can use in your CSS file.

Why this RGB to Hex Converter?

Most of the photo editing software generally represent the color values in RGB color format. Let’s say you really liked some color and want to use this color on the web such as the background color or font color of any HTML element.

In such situations, this RGB to Hex converter can help you to get the hexadecimal representation of the RGB color that you liked on the photo editing software.


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